The Kevin Cole Experience at Southwest KIA Mesquite

Everyone visits automotive dealerships from time to time, and whether good or bad have an unforgettable experience. All too often customers at many dealerships are treated like a number.

However, at Southwest KIA Mesquite, customers are truly treated like family. The reason they are treated like family is because Southwest KIA Mesquite hires outstanding individuals who take pride in putting customers in the right vehicle that meets their needs for them and their family. The associates at Southwest KIA Mesquite strive to listen and find the right car, truck, or suv that meets their customers’ automotive needs.

Recently General Manager of Southwest KIA Mesquite, James Seale received this thoughtful review of Kevin Cole during one customers buying experience.

March 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Seale:

This letter is to express my amazement while visiting the dealership last Saturday The survey I completed was insufficient regarding the service he provided. Let’s just call this letter a testimony to the “Kevin Cole Experience”.

I met Kevin through your service manager, Joe Gonzales. He told me that Kevin was good but that -was a significant understatement.

Kevin is the most service- oriented salesman I have ever met. When I got in the car for a test drive; he already had the radio set up to a station he was sure I would like. He had the right music, and the right car because of the options I had previously mentioned.  I only spent about five minutes with Kevin before Joe asked him to choose a car to show me. The car he selected for the test drive proved to me that he was listening to my every word.

I know that he is always interested in selling cars. However, two other things are evident. First, he believes in Kia and specifically SW KIA. Second, he understands what a significant purchase a car is and he wants each of his customers to be not just satisfied, but delighted with their purchase.

Kevin is not just about selling cars. He is about creating an environment where one could not conceive of doing anything else but –purchasing the car he is showing you. During my entire time spent with Mr. Cole, he was very proficient in explaining the finer points of the vehicle he hoped I would purchase.

Mr. Cole is truly an asset to your dealership. I have told several people about my positive experience with him as my salesman.

I don’t really like car salesmen so for me to be writing this letter is a very big deal. However, I felt compelled to write you about this gentleman because his extraordinary service was just as much of a selling point as the car I had read about. Thus my time as SW KIA Mesquite was really the “Kevin Cole Experience.”


Mrs. Sharon Lockhart

5515654Kevin Cole can be found helping customers at Southwest KIA Mesquite which is located at 1919 Oates Drive in Mesquite, Texas. To find the right car, truck, or SUV that meets your needs visit or call Mr. Cole at 214.321.8200.


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