Pope Francis and a New Way to Roll

Pope Francis kicked off his 5-day visit to South Korea in style by rolling through the streets in a non-conventional pope-mobile, a 2014 KIA Soul.

Pope South Korea (16)Francis became the first pope in 25 years to visit South Korea on Thursday, August 14, 2014. For South Koreans, it was the pope’s choice of a modest, locally made Kia Soul that fascinated the public rather than his new attempt to improve his English speech. The papal ride from the airport to the city was broadcast live, showing images of the entourage in the dark gray Soul escorted front and back by dozens of SUVs and police motorbikes.

“It’s humbling and at the same time respectful.” Said Kim Ji-hwan, a journalism student in Seoul who also remarked that the Korean Protestant priests at mega-churches ride around in expensive luxury vehicles.

The five-day papal visit is tightly-scheduled, with the pontiff expected to travel more than 620 miles. Pope Francis plans to meet with children; relatives of the 300 victims, mostly school children, from the sunken Sewol ferry in April; the disabled; immigrants; as well as political officials.

Pope South Korea (15)For more information about the stunning KIA Soul, which is now Pope-worthy visit Southwest KIA Mesquite at 1919 Oates Dr in Mesquite, Texas or call 214-694-2800 today!

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