Kia and the NBA: A Winning Combination

With Kia being the official automotive partner of the NBA, no one is surprised to see famous basketball players like Blake Griffin being the face of the brand.  Griffin is the official Optima’s spokesperson.  But when looking for someone to be the brand ambassador for the highly anticipated K900 which is considered to be fit for royalty, even a king perhaps, Kia chose the King.  That is correct.  LeBron James has been named as the official spokesman for the K900.

south1The most uncommon thing about this union is James actually reached out to Kia. Kia did not go throw crazy money at a superstar to get him to say a bunch of stuff he doesn’t really believe just to get an endorsement. James has been a fan of the K900. All summer he has made several posts on social media talking about his love for the K900.

“This partnership is about the power of great style and performance. Kia and the K900 are out to challenge conventional wisdom and show people how to think differently, and I can relate to that. For me, a partnership has to be authentic and real to who I am, and that’s what makes this one so special,” James said in a release. You will start to see a series of commercials featuring LeBron in his “Fit for a King” campaign. This really says something when a super star millionaire chooses this as his car to cruise in, it speaks volumes.

south2Whether you are a fan or a critic of the megastar, you can live like a king too.  Come see more at Southwest KIA Mesquite 1919 Oates Dr. Mesquite, TX or give us a call at 214-694-2800 today!


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