2016 Kia Forte – We Love Options

If you went to a burger joint and wanted a hamburger but didn’t like mustard you would say, hold the mustard.  Or if say you really hated pickles, you would ask them not to put them on there.  What would you do if after hearing this request, they said “sorry, it only comes one way?”  Well I know what I would do.  Leave as fast as I could and never take my business there again.


If you want that kind of power of choosing how you want your burger, why settle for what the manufacturer decides for your car?   With the 2016 Kia Forte, you don’t have to.  There is a lot of competition in the compact car segment but none offers the options you have with the Kia Forte.  It has options galore.

If you don’t like a coupe, opt for the sedan.  Not a vanilla guy, then choose the four door hatchback.  It doesn’t stop there.  You can choose between a 1.8, 2.0 or turbocharged 1.6 liter inline four cylinder engine.  Then you have to decide do you want that bad boy with a six speed manual or automatic transmission.  Then I guess we will need to look at trim levels ranging from standard LX to the high end SX.

All of them come very attractive, have surprising interior room, and loads of standard features.  Then you can decide to upgrade with just about any conceivable comfort, convenience and entertainment option.


For more information come by today at Southwest Kia Mesquite 1919 Oates Dr. Mesquite, TX  or give us a call at 214-694-2800 today!

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